A knowledge, attitudes and practices study on cord blood donation among registered midwives in Hong Kong
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摘要Background and aims: Umbilical cord blood (CB) offers potentially many advantages over the traditional methods of stem cell collection in that it poses no risk and discomfort to the donor. Despite developments in stem cell therapies, CB is not well promoted. Previous studies have examined the views of pregnant women but few have examined the attitudes of front line health care providers such as midwives. Methods: This is a cross-sectional survey study conducted between January and April, 2017 aiming to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of registered midwives in Hong Kong towards umbilical CB donation and investigate factors that promoted umbilical CB donation. Using convenience sampling, 147 public and private sector midwives completed self-administered questionnaires to assess the knowledge, attitudes. history of recommending CB donation and future intent to recommend CB donation. Results: Respondents demonstrated moderate knowledge of CB (mean knowledge score: 19.9 (out of 26) and positive attitude towards CB donation (mean attitudes score=30.5 (out of 40). However, higher knowledge was not associated with intention to recommend CB donation. In the adjusted analysis, higher education level and employment in public sector hospitals were associated with greater willingness to recommend CB donation and provide CB information to patients. Lack of formal protocol was cited as the major barrier for recommending CB donation to their patients. Only 10.2% of midwives reported that they had ever received formal CB training. Conclusions: Midwives may require formaConclusions: Midwives may require formal CB training and work protocol in order to promote CB donation in Hong Kong.
著者Eleven Y Lau, Eric KP Lee, Timothy Summerlin, Irene Yu, Jean H. Kim
會議名稱Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium of Public Health Conference 2018
會議地點Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
關鍵詞Midwives, Obstetrics, Stem cells, Hong Kong, Policy

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