Engaging Students in Close Reading: Implementation of PASS as Reading Workshops in the General Education Foundation Programme
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摘要The General Education Foundation (GEF) Programme, a common core programme consisting of two courses, namely In Dialogue with Humanity and In Dialogue with Nature, engages students in dialogues with the classics in the humanities and sciences respectively. Reading classic texts, however, are challenging for many students who are unfamiliar with the content, language and context of these texts. This poster will present how Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS), a well-established peer learning model, has been implemented as reading workshops in the GEF Programme to help students meet these challenges. The reading workshops are one-hour and weekly voluntary study sessions led by PASS Leaders. These are students who previously excelled in the same course and have completed their accredited PASS Leader Training. Facilitated by PASS Leaders via various reading strategies, the workshops provide a collaborative and supportive learning environment for students where they can learn and practice close reading of classic texts together. Feedback from the students has been positive and many find the workshops improve their understanding of classic texts, equip them with effective reading strategies, and enable them to read the texts on their own.
著者SZETO Wai Man, WONG Ka Tai Isaac, LI Ming Kenneth, WU Jun Vivian, YIP Lo Ming Amber, LAI Ka Yu Ann. LEUNG Mei Yee
會議名稱CUHK Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2017
會議地點Hong Kong

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