Shape Tracking and Navigation for Continuum Surgical Robot based on Magnetic Tracking
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摘要Wire-driven flexible robot can work in confined and complex environments, so that it has been studied for minimally invasive surgery. On account of guarantee the accuracy and effectiveness of the robot, the real-time tip pose and shape information of the robot should be measured. In this paper, a tip pose and shape detection method based on magnetic tracking for the wire-driven flexible robot is presented. This method makes use of the magnetism of a permanent magnet that mounted on the terminal of the robot to obtain the tip pose. On the basis of the tip pose, a shape reconstruction algorithm based on the three order Bezier curve is used to estimate the real-time shape of the robot. In accordance with the tip position and the mapped environment, the navigation of the robot still can be achieved without the need for sensors in the absence of the line of sight environment. To evaluate the feasibility, a experiment has been carried out and a navigation error is about 1.1mm.
著者Zhang Changchun, Lu Yi, Song Shuang, Meng Max Q-H.
會議名稱2017 IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation
會議地點Macau, China
會議論文集題名2017 IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation (IEEE ICIA 2017)
頁次1143 - 1149

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