Big Data in Public Policy– a Gift or a Curse? Contrasting Perspectives from Citizens, Government and Market
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AbstractThe rise of ICT (information and communication technology) and big data has presented both threats and opportunities for different actors and stakeholders in the policy environment including citizens, government, and market. While there is little doubt that their emergence would lead to reinvention and reorientation in public policy in many countries around the globe, including many advanced economies in Asia, it is still uncertain and also debatable about whether they would necessarily lead to net benefits to all actors and stakeholders since impacts brought by these new technologies of data science often involve clashes of competing values and interests. It is likely that the cost and benefits are not evenly distributed among the major actors and there are trade-offs among them. For example, the expansion of the power of the bureaucracy and market can be made at the expense of citizen control and participation. To lay down the theoretical framework for understanding the challenges of big data on public policy, this paper aims to examine the key questions and issues of how big data affect public policymaking by examining the differentiated impacts on the key policy actors, namely government or the bureaucracy, the market or the private sector and general citizens. Most importantly, by referring to the literature on related topics, including impact of technology on organizations and institutions, administrative reforms and comparative public administration, it would identify and discuss the meditating factors which account for these differentials in order to reconcile and integrate the contrasting views on this important topic.
Acceptance Date30/03/2018
All Author(s) ListWilson Wong, Chris Hinnant
Name of ConferenceThe 3rd Asia-Pacific Public Policy Network (APPPN) Conference
Start Date of Conference30/03/2018
End Date of Conference01/04/2018
Place of ConferenceBeijing
Country/Region of ConferenceChina
Pages1 - 21
LanguagesEnglish-United States
KeywordsBig Data, ICT, Contextualization, Market, Government, Citizens

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