Innovative Assessment of Aviation English: Retrospective Verbal Reporting Integrated with Virtual Task Environments
Refereed conference paper presented and published in conference proceedings


摘要In this paper, the researchers aim to examine verbal reports from the stimulated recall from 12 air traffic controllers in addressing two specific research questions: (a) What types of aviation English communication strategies are used in the virtual aviation English assessment, (b) How can the assessed strategies be interpreted in relation to task performance. To provide test takers authentic and interactive testing environments, a simulated virtual airbase was developed in a virtual environment. Findings from the stimulated recall data analysis reveal a variety of cognitive and metacognitive strategies that were adopted during the test task performance. Furthermore, this study could identify a very strong positive relationship between test takers’ use of cognitive / metacognitive strategies and their task accomplishment scores.
著者Moonyoung Park, Byeong-Young Cho
會議名稱AERA (American Educational Research Association) 2017 Annual Meeting

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