Developing the Simulation-Based Assessment Task for Aviation English: An Evidence-Centered Design
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摘要Aviation English proficiency is the core competence in the air traffic controller profession worldwide. However, there is a growing concern about ineffective paper-based testing of such an expert competence, which must be assessed through authentic tasks and situations. The proficiency tests, lacking validity and authenticity, cannot capture how aviation English communication skills are used in a valid manner and, therefore, are unable to inform pedagogical practices in training competent professionals. The present study aims to demonstrate the process of developing aviation English assessment tasks mediated in an online simulation environment in the context of military army aviation. The study was informed by Evidence-Centered Design (ECD) for educational measurement (Mislevy, Almond, & Lukas, 2003), target language use (TLU) situation analysis (Douglas, 2000), and task-based needs analysis (Long & Norris, 2000). Adopting mixed-methods techniques, the study collected both quantitative and qualitative evidence to investigate (a) the core skills, knowledge, abilities, and processes required for successful aviation English communication; (b) authentic tasks that could be representative of the TLU situations; and (c) experts’ perceptions of prototype online simulation aviation English tasks.
著者Moonyoung Park
會議名稱AERA (American Educational Research Association) 2017 Annual Meeting
出版社American Educational Research Association

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