Evaluating the Outcomes of Online Intercultural Exchange Between Korean and Japanese College EFL Learners
Refereed conference paper presented and published in conference proceedings


摘要Online Intercultural Exchange (OIE) has received a great deal of attention in academic literature and research circles, especially in the field of foreign language education in Asia. In response to the growing interest and need for further empirical research into OIE, the current study explores the computer-mediated communication (CMC) between Korean and Japanese college EFL learners. Employing a qualitative case study approach, the study focuses on the learners’ perceptions of CMC and their cultural awareness. The data collected consists of asynchronous e-mail communication over a semester, responses from an attitude-motivation-cultural awareness test battery (AMCTB) survey, and reflection papers composed by participants. The findings suggest participants’ communication skills in English and intercultural awareness do benefit from computer-mediated communication. This study sheds light on pedagogical implications, and how CMC-integrated courses can be tailored to better meet EFL learners’ needs and enhance their English learning and cultural exchange.
著者Moonyoung Park, Jong-Il Yi
會議名稱MMSEE (KAMALL-STEM-KASEE) Joint International Conference 2017
頁次76 - 79
關鍵詞Online intercultural exchange, computer-mediated communication, e-mail exchange

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