Communal one day, exchange the next: Daily relationship orientation mediates the influence of perceived stress on constructive interactions in close relationships
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摘要The current research proposed the concept of dynamic relationship orientation and tested it as a mediator accounting for the relation between the within-individual variations of perceived stress and interpersonal interactions in close relationships. Communal and exchange orientation were considered to be two interaction schemas that could be dynamically activated in different relationships across different situations. Participants’ daily stress and interaction with their mother and romantic partner were measured for 14 consecutive days. Results confirmed that lower activation of the communal schema on a day significantly mediated the negative association between daily perceived stress and constructive interactions in both relationships. The findings supported the important role of dynamic relationship orientation in linking situational factors with interpersonal interactions. The concept of dynamic relationship orientation provides a new theoretical framework to integrate research on contextual factors and relationship dynamics.
著者Li T., Fung H. H.
期刊名稱Journal of Social and Personal Relationships
頁次2096 - 2115
關鍵詞Close relationship, communal orientation, daily diary, exchange orientation, interpersonal interaction, relationship orientation, stress

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