France, Music & War, as Read in the Pages of Le Passe-Temps (1914-1918)
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AbstractOn August 4, 1914, Britain declared war on Germany, bringing its dominions, including Canada, into the conflict. In Montreal, then the country’s metropolis, both English- and French-Canadians reacted with jubilation, spilling into the streets to sing patriotic songs and parade along with military bands. As the war dragged on that early enthusiasm seeped away, replaced by horror at the scale of devastation and a reluctance to commit further to the loss of life.

This paper explores the support for the war effort in the pages of Le Passe-temps, a long-running Montreal periodical aimed at a largely female readership of amateur musicians. Published twice monthly, it contained cultural news and ten pages of light music in each issue. Its cover normally featured a photograph of popular singer. On the cover of 15 August 1914 issue, however, was an engraving of a French officer, sabre raised, and the title “France, en avant!”. The caption indicated that the actor and vocalist Damase Dubuisson performed the song at Montreal’s Théâtre Chantecler. Inside, one found the score for this song as well as a choral arrangement of “God Save the King,” on a French translation, and a march for piano by Amédée Roy titled Canadiens, rallions nous!, setting the tone for issues that would follow. This paper explores how, through editorials, news items about music in France, and patriotic sheet music, Le Passe-temps served as an exceptional voice for France in a Quebec deeply opposed to its role in the war.
All Author(s) ListBrian Thompson
Name of ConferenceFrance: Musiques, Cultures, 1789-1918: Biennial Conference
Start Date of Conference06/07/2018
End Date of Conference07/07/2018
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Country/Region of ConferenceFrance
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