An introduction to the Micro-Modules of Reflective Journal Writing for University General Education Foundation Programme (TDLEG)
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摘要The Micro-Modules of Reflective Journal Writing for University General Education Foundation Programme is a project funded by TDLEG 2016-2019. It is a collaboration between Independent Learning Centre (ILC) and University General Education Programme (UGE). The modules aim to teach students of the General Education Foundation (GEF) Programme a set of skills necessary for proper reflective-journal writing. The ILC has been collaborating with UGE in offering workshops for students on reflective journal writing since 2013. Each year, the workshops attract over 1000 voluntary attendances. In order to continue the good practice, to promote e-literacy and to enhance its quality by encouraging students to learn proactively and to think more critically about different subjects, a series of micro-modules is suggested. The modules involve combination of a trilingual online learning platform (responsive website) and corresponding workshops. The various aspects of reflective-journal writing—namely, its definition, its ways of analysis, the thinking process involved, the language requirements and the proper academic style--will be introduced through the online learning platform. Students will learn through guided video presentations, interactive and reflective exercises, suggested readings and writing submitted through the Platform. After students have gone through all the learning steps on the online platform, face-to-face workshops will be provided for discussion and further explanation on areas of greatest concerns. Feedback submitted by students through the online learning platform will be used by the ILC teachers to develop the content of the workshops.
著者Chao Lip Yan Felix
出版作品名稱Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2017 Booklet
出版地Hong Kong
頁次88 - 88
關鍵詞Micro-modules, Independent Learning, Reflective Journal, Academic Writing, General Education

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