IEO UGFN Report for 201617
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摘要This section presents the most important results in this report, which analyzed the Entry-Exit Surveys and CUSIS data of 2016/17 academic year. there are three levels of analysis. level 1: the direct analysis of the raw data, such as the Entry and Exit ratings of the 17 intended learning outcomes related survey items, students' demographic and class information, their course engagement and their views on a list of questions about Social Presence. Level 2: further analysis via Confirmatory Factor Analysis to study the correlation relationships between the outcome factors, background, environment and effort variables; Level 3: a pilot study of causation on these relationships via Structural Equation Modeling.
著者The IEO Programme Assessment Team
出版作品名稱IEO UGFN Report for 201617
關鍵詞IEO, Programme Assessment, General Education

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