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AbstractAs a Singaporean poet and academic based in Hong Kong, it gives me great pleasure to be the prose editor of this issue. Of course, as the reviews editor as well, I get to curate the reviews section, though it has to be said that most of the reviews in this issue were possible because of this issue's poetry editor, Joshua Ip, who matched reviewers with the books. I am grateful to him for tapping his network.

I am beginning to realise that the term "literary work" does not just refer to words on a page alone, but also to the work of literature, and in particular, the work of building a literary community.
All Editor(s) ListTammy Ho, Joshua Ip, Jeff Zrobeck, Eddie Tay
Title of PublicationOn Literary Work, On Building a Community
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Issue Number41
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordscreative writing, institutions, singapore

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