Social Skills in Urban Development
Consulting or contract research report


摘要This report aims at identifying social skills required in the course of urban planning and development. Through an inter-disciplinary review of planning theories and international best practices, analyses of reports of planning engagement exercises and inputs from different stakeholders in a design-thinking workshop, this joint-academia-industry study proposes a three-step model for developing and nurturing social skills in the urban context of Hong Kong. Firstly, planning studies should be grounded on carefully researched community and place-based knowledge. Secondly, plans should be formulated and urban spaces should be designed to promote social interactions and people’s multi-faceted well-being. Thirdly, planners should be involved in the plan implementation process, helping local communities develop their capacities to synthesize place-based knowledge for the next round of planning efforts, producing a virtuous cycle of urban development. This three-step model to develop social skills in the planning process will be further tested, moderated, reviewed and reformulated in future projects.
著者Mee Kam NG, Huiwei CHEN, Theresa YEUNG, Sze Hong LAU
頁次1 - 64
關鍵詞social skills, urban development, wellbeing

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