Word of Mouth versus Word of Mouse: Speaking about a Brand Connects You to It More Than Writing Does
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AbstractThis research merges insights from the communications literature with that on the self-brand connection to examine a novel question: how does speaking versus writing about a liked brand influence the communicator’s own later reactions to that brand? Our conceptualization argues that because oral communication involves a greater focus on social interaction with the communication recipient than does written communication, oral communicators are more likely to express self-related thoughts than are writers, thereby increasing their self-brand connection (SBC). We also assess the implications of this conceptualization, including the identification of theoretically derived boundary conditions for the speech/writing difference, and the downstream effects of heightened SBC. Results from five studies provide support for our predictions, informing both the basic literature on communications, and the body of work on consumer word of mouth.
Acceptance Date21/02/2018
All Author(s) ListHao Shen, Jaideep Sengupta
Journal nameJournal of Consumer Research
Volume Number45
Issue Number3
Pages595 - 614
LanguagesEnglish-United States
Keywordsword of mouth, communication, social interaction, self-expression, selfbrand connection

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