“This shows that” … “with the development of” … “many aspects”: A Corpus of Un-Critical Expressions in Chinese EFL Writing
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AbstractThe lack of effective criticality in Chinese student Academic Writing at the tertiary level continues to be a growing problem. This is not to say that Chinese students are not critical thinkers, but rather, they struggle to express their critical ideas in English in an effective manner. This is in part due to a system that still relies on teaching writing through the memorization of “plug-and-play” idiomatic expressions, often taught devoid of context, for short examination pieces such as the TEM and CET, where development of ideas is additionally hampered by word limitations. Add to this the issue of transliterating Chinese ideas and concepts into English without the necessary Chinese context carrying forward with it (or pre-existing in English) and students often find themselves struggling to get their ideas across to their audience.

With this in mind, I have utilized corpus software to compile data on over 250 academic papers written by students at the Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior levels and selected a number of expressions that are commonly used by students in their writing that tend to result in failures in reasoning, critical thinking, or logical fallacies. By examining these expressions in the context of student writing and what specifically makes them un-critical, I believe that we as teachers can investigate new methods and approaches for teaching Critical Writing in Chinese Higher Education.
Acceptance Date12/04/2018
All Author(s) ListRobin Dahling
Name of Conference2018 International Symposium on English Writing Teaching and Research
Start Date of Conference12/05/2018
End Date of Conference13/05/2018
Place of ConferenceNanjing Agricultural University
Country/Region of ConferenceChina
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsCritical Thinking, Chinese Student Writing, EFL Writing, Academic Writing, Critical Writing

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