X-Shaped α-FeOOH with Enhanced Performance in Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Water Splitting
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摘要Photocatalytic water splitting (PWS) is a promising technology for converting solar energy into clean and sustainable energy. In this talk, a simple hydrothermal approach was used to fabricate X-shaped -FeOOH catalyst with high-index facets. The X-shaped -FeOOH exhibited much better visible-light-driven (VLD)-PWS performance than that of its counter-part without X-structure, with a maximum H2 and O2 evolution rate of 9.2 and 4.7 mmol h-1 g-1, respectively. The morphology and particle size of the -FeOOH could be controlled by adjusting the NH4F concentration in the synthesis. The photodeposition of Pt and RuO2 on the X-shaped -FeOOH indicated that there were separated reduction and oxidation centers on the surface of -FeOOH, with the oxidation-active sites selectively located on the edges of the -FeOOH X-structures. Electrochemical analyses further supported there was enhanced charge separation in the X-shaped -FeOOH. The smaller particle size and unique X-shape of the -FeOOH significantly enhanced its VLD-PWS performance due to (i) large specific surface area, (ii) high proportion of exposed high-index facets, (iii) high electron-transfer efficiency, and (iv) effective separation of the photogenerated electron-hole pairs. These results indicated that the X-shaped -FeOOH could be used as a cost-effective and stable catalyst for VLD-PWS.
著者Wang Tianqi, Jiang Zhifeng, Wong Po Keung
會議名稱International Conference on Energy and Environmental Materials (ICEEM 2018)
會議論文集題名International Conference on Energy and Environmental Materials
出版社Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Science
頁次1 - 1
關鍵詞X-shaped alpha-FeOOH, Visible-light-driven photocatalysis, Water splitting

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