Book Tree: Activating the Lost Spaces of Mei Foo
Engineering, architectural, graphic designs

摘要Book Tree is a research project conceived by Associate Professor Peter W. Ferretto at the School of Architecture at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, in collaboration with the Mei Foo District Counsellor Ambrose Cheung. The objective of the project is twofold: to inhabit a lost urban space and simultaneously to create a new type of reading experience for children within the Mei Foo neighbourhood.

The “Book Tree” occupies 25 m2, consisting of a tree structure of bookshelves surrounded by an undulating interactive sitting and reading platform. The tree structure is made of pre-fabricated timber components that are assembled and dismantled by students in 1-2 days, while the platform consists of 50 (600x600 mm) timber boxes of different height. The tree structure is lined with a waterproof fabric, which provides sun and rain protection. It is equipped with LED lighting for reading.
著者Peter W. Ferretto
詳細描述Temporary public architectural installation placed in a prominent "Lost Space" of the Mei Foo estate. The installation attracted more than 15,000 people, who came and donated books to the project.
關鍵詞Book Tree, Lost Urban Spaces, Architectural Installation, Residual Spaces, Children and Books

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