Concise review: stem cell fate guided by bioactive molecules for tendon regeneration
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AbstractTendon disorders, which are commonly presented in the clinical setting, disrupt the patients’ normal work and life routines, and they damage the careers of athletes. However, there is still no effective treatment for tendon disorders. In the field of tissue engineering, the potential of the therapeutic application of exogenous stem cells to treat tendon pathology has been demonstrated to be promising. With the development of stem cell biology and chemical biology, strategies that use inductive tenogenic factors to program stem cell fate in situ are the most easily and readily translatable to clinical applications. In this review, we focus on bioactive molecules that can potentially induce tenogenesis in adult stem cells, and we summarize the various differentiation factors found in comparative studies. Moreover, we discuss the molecular regulatory mechanisms of tenogenesis, and we examine the various challenges in developing standardized protocols for achieving efficient and reproducible tenogenesis. Finally, we discuss and predict future directions for tendon regeneration
Acceptance Date23/03/2018
All Author(s) ListYan-Jie Zhang, Xiao Chen, Gang Li, Kai Ming Chan, Boon Chin Heng, Zi Yin, Hong Wei Ouyang
Journal nameStem Cells Translational Medicine
Volume Number7
Issue Number5
PublisherWiley Periodicals
Place of PublicationUS
Pages404 - 414
LanguagesEnglish-United States
KeywordsAdult stem cells, Bone marrow stromal Cells

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