A Novel Herbal Formula that may benefit Small Vessel Disease of the Brain
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AbstractSmall vessels in the brain are affected by atherosclerotic changes in the general vascular system and extensive involvements could be the cause of early neurodegeneration. Early evidences indeed have been worked out on the co-existence of small white matter hyper intensities in the brain and early cognitive impairments. It is therefore recommended that once detected, early control is advisable. However, there is yet a total lack of preventive measures.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a rich collection of medicinal herbs that have been used to counteract symptoms and syndromes resembling neurodegeneration: The research being described, started with the selection of two herbs believed to be suitable for small vessels disease viz. Salviae miltiorrhizae Radix et Rhizoma (Danshen) and Gastrodia elongate Blume (Tianma) and putting them on bioactivity platforms to confirm their neuro-regenerative abilities.

The platform studies included basic in-vitro tests to confirm their individual anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation and vascular protective effects; then working out the favourable ration of 2:1, Danshen: Tianma, to be adopted in the simple formula.

Using the Danshen-Tianma formula, the in-vitro tests on neuroprotection were repeated, followed by in-vivo experiments using special mouse models. The results well supported the neuroprotective effects of the formula.

In addition, one novel mouse model of forced cigarette smoking using an enclosed smoke chamber in an 8 weeks daily (hourly) treatment was used to testify the effects of the formula. The good results of intervention further supported the alleviating effects of the formula.

It is suggested that the Danshen-Tianma formula is now ready to be tested clinically on patients with early signs of small vessel disease.
All Author(s) ListHung ASM, Kwok TCY, Leung PC
Journal nameComplementary and Alternative Medicine: Open Access
Volume Number2018
Issue Number1
Article numberCAM-101
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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