Flexible Integration Points Coupled with Smoothed Strain in Elasticity Problems
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摘要In this paper, alpha finite element method (alpha FEM) with modified integration rule (alpha FEM-MIR) using quadrilateral elements is developed. The key feature of aFEM-MIR is to combine the smoothed strain and compatible strain using flexible integration points. With simple adjustment of integration points in the stiffness, it is found that the softening or stiffening effect of alpha FEM-MIR model can be altered. In addition, the exact, upper and lower bound solutions of strain energy in the alpha FEM-MIR model with different integration points are examined for both overestimation and underestimation problems. Furthermore, the displacement solutions can be improved significantly compared with traditional integration points in the standard finite element method (FEM) and alpha FEM models. In this work, the strategy to overcome the volumetric locking and hourglass issues are also analyzed using different integration points. In addition, it is found that the stability of discretized model is proportional to parameter r (rcontrols the locations of integration points of stiffness) in the alpha FEM-MIR model. Extensive numerical studies have been conducted to confirm the properties of the proposed alpha FEM-MIR, and an excellent performance has been observed in comparing traditional aFEM and FEM.
著者Eric Li, W. H. Liao
期刊名稱International Journal of Applied Mechanics
關鍵詞Numerical methods, reduced integration, integration point, FEM-MIR, solution bounds

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