Macro Factors, Social Trust, and Life Satisfaction of Adolescents in Hong Kong (宏觀因素、社會信任與香港青少年的生活滿意度)
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AbstractLife satisfaction has widely been viewed as an important indicator of individual’s well-being. It has been found to be associated with adolescents’ development in several aspects. Previous studies have emphasized the influences of individual, family, and school factors on adolescents’ life satisfaction, and largely neglected the role played by some macro factors, such as social and political environment as perceived by individuals. In this study, we evaluate and compare the relative impacts of various factors on life satisfaction of adolescents in Hong Kong. These factors include (1) individual characteristics, such as gender, place of birth, and religion, (2) family factors, such as parental education, household financial and living conditions, (3) adolescents’ perceptions of educational system and overall development in Hong Kong, and (4) interpersonal and institutional trust. We employed the data set of “The Hong Kong Youth Survey 2017” collected by Department of Sociology of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The results of regression analysis indicated that individual characteristics and parental education have negligible effects on the dependent variable. Family financial and living conditions, perceptions of educational system and overall development in Hong Kong, and interpersonal and institutional trust were found to be significant predictors of life satisfaction of local adolescents. Some theoretical and practical implications, as well as the limitations of this study, are discussed at the end.

生活滿意度被廣泛視為個人心靈健康的一個重要指標。對青少年來説,它跟他們在各方面的成長和發展有密切的關係。這個研究探討不同的因素,包括個人、家庭、宏觀環境及社會信任,對本港青少年的生活滿意度所起的作用。我們的數據來自2017年香港中文大學社會學系所進行的「香港年青人生活狀況調查」,該調查以問卷形式收集了1,334名高中學生的資料。迴歸分析 (regression analysis) 顯示,個人因素 (例如性別、出生地及宗教信仰) 對生活滿意度的影響不大,家庭財政狀況及家居條件有着促進的作用,而被訪者對教育制度及本港整體發展的觀感是重要的因素。此外,人際信任及社會制度信任對他們的生活滿意度亦有顯著的正面影響。最後,我們討論本研究的學術貢獻、政策含意及研究限制。
Acceptance Date04/04/2018
All Author(s) ListNgo Hang-yue, Francis Cheung, Eric Fong
Journal name香港社會科學學報 = Hong Kong Journal of Social Sciences
Volume Number51
Pages1 - 27
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsAdolescents, Institutional trust, Interpersonal trust, Life satisfaction, Macro factors

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