Sit-to-stand and Stand-to-sit Assistance for Paraplegic Patients with CUHK-EXO Exoskeleton
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AbstractIn this paper, we introduce a lower extremity exoskeleton CUHK-EXO that is developed to help paraplegic patients, who have lost the motor and sensory functions of their lower limbs to perform basic daily life motions. Since the sit-to-stand and stand-to-sit (STS) motion is the first step for paraplegic patients toward walking, analysis of the exoskeleton's applicability to the STS motion assistance is performed. First, the human-exoskeleton system (HES) is modeled as a five-link model during the STS motion, and the center of pressure (COP) on the ground and center of gravity of the whole system are calculated. Then, a description of the CUHK-EXO hardware design is presented, including the mechatronics design and actuator selection. The COP position is an important factor indicating system balance and wearer's comfort. Based on the COP position, a trajectory online modification algorithm (TOMA) is proposed for CUHK-EXO to counteract disturbances, stabilize system balance, and improve the wearer's comfort in the STS motion. The results of STS motion tests conducted with a paraplegic patient demonstrate that CUHK-EXO can provide a normal reference pattern and proper assistive torque to support the patient's STS motion. In addition, a pilot study is conducted with a healthy subject to verify the effectiveness of the proposed TOMA under external disturbances before future clinical trials. The testing results verify that CUHK-EXO can counteract disturbances, and help the wearer perform the STS motion safely and comfortably.
All Author(s) ListChen B, Zhong CH, Ma H, Guan X, Qin LY, Chan KM, Law SW, Qin L, Liao WH
Journal nameRobotica
Volume Number36
Issue Number4
Pages535 - 551
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsLower extremity exoskeleton, Motion assistance, Sit-to-stand, Stand-to-sit, Trajectory generation, Balance control
Web of Science Subject CategoriesRobotics;Robotics

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