Design and Characterization of a Magneto-rheological Series Elastic Actuator for a Lower Extremity Exoskeleton
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AbstractIn this paper, an innovative actuator named magneto-rheological series elastic actuator (MRSEA) is designed for the knee joints of a lower extremity exoskeleton CUHK-EXO. MRSEA is designed to reduce the mechanical impedance of the exoskeleton and filter out unwanted collisions. It can also provide large controllable braking torque with low power, and hence improve the system energy efficiency. A description of CUHK-EXO developed to help paraplegic patients regain the mobility to stand up, sit down and walk is firstly introduced, followed by the mechanical design of MRSEA and simulation of the torsion spring pack (TSP) and magneto-rheological (MR) brake of MRSEA. Prototype of MRSEA is fabricated. Preliminary tests are performed to investigate the characteristics of the TSP and MR brake, and walking experiments with a paraplegic patient are performed to evaluate the performance of MRSEA. Experimental results of MRSEA match the modeling and simulation. As compared with the electric motor, the energy efficiency of the innovative MRSEA is improved by 52.8% during a gait cycle.
All Author(s) ListChen B, Zhao X, Ma H, Qin L, Liao WH
Journal nameSmart Materials and Structures
Volume Number26
Issue Number10
Article number105008
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordswearable exoskeleton suit, motion assistance, actuator, magneto-rheological brake, torsion spring, energy efficiency
Web of Science Subject CategoriesInstruments & Instrumentation;Materials Science, Multidisciplinary;Instruments & Instrumentation;Materials Science

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