Efficient Red Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Solution-Processed Multiple Quantum Wells
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摘要This paper reports a facile and scalable process to achieve high performance red perovskite light-emitting diodes (LEDs) by introducing inorganic Cs into multiple quantum well (MQW) perovskites. The MQW structure facilitates the formation of cubic CsPbI3 perovskites at low temperature, enabling the Cs-based QWs to provide pure and stable red electroluminescence. The versatile synthesis of MQW perovskites provides freedom to control the crystallinity and morphology of the emission layer. It is demonstrated that the inclusion of chloride can further improve the crystallization and consequently the optical properties of the Cs-based MQW perovskites, inducing a low turn-on voltage of 2.0 V, a maximum external quantum efficiency of 3.7%, a luminance of approximate to 440 cd m(-2) at 4.0 V. These results suggest that the Cs-based MQW LED is among the best performing red perovskite LEDs. Moreover, the LED device demonstrates a record lifetime of over 5 h under a constant current density of 10 mA cm(-2). This work suggests that the MQW perovskites is a promising platform for achieving high performance visible-range electroluminescence emission through high-throughput processing methods, which is attractive for low-cost lighting and display applications.
著者Zhang ST, Yi C, Wang NN, Sun Y, Zou W, Wei YQ, Cao Y, Miao YF, Li RZ, Yin Y, Zhao N, Wang JP, Huang W
期刊名稱Advanced Materials
Web of Science 學科類別Chemistry, Multidisciplinary;Chemistry, Physical;Nanoscience & Nanotechnology;Materials Science, Multidisciplinary;Physics, Applied;Physics, Condensed Matter;Chemistry;Science & Technology - Other Topics;Materials Science;Physics

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