Fabrication and thermoelectric properties of Ca-Co-O ceramics with negative Seebeck coefficient
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AbstractCa-Co-O ceramics is typically p-type thermoelectric materials and possesses positive Seebeck coefficient. In this work, n-type Ca-Co-O ceramics with negative Seebeck coefficients were fabricated by sintering and annealing in a reducing atmosphere. The microstructures and thermoelectric properties of the ceramics were investigated. The results show that the carrier concentration and the carrier mobility dramatically increase after the samples were annealed in the reducing atmosphere. The electrical resistivity increases from 0.0663 m Omega.cm to 0.2974 m Omega.cm, while the negative Seebeck coefficients varies from -24.9 mu V/K to -56.3 mu V/K as the temperature increases from 323 K to 823 K, and the maximum power factor (PF, 1.536 mW/m.K-2) is obtained at 623 K. The samples have n-type thermoelectric properties with large PF values and ZT value (ZT=0.39, 823 K). The unusual results will pave a new way for studying Ca-Co-O thermoelectric ceramics.
Acceptance Date16/04/2018
All Author(s) ListChunlin Gong, Zongmo Shi, Yi Zhang, Yongsheng Chen, Jiaxin Hu, Jianjun Gou, Mengjie Qin, Feng Gao
Journal nameResults in Physics
Volume Number9
PublisherElsevier: Results in Physics / Elsevier
Pages1233 - 1238
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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