Collaborative sharing of eLearning materials: Internationalization with Localization
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Getting students ready for their future roles as healthcare professionals requires preparing them intellectually, mentally and emotionally.

Students often graduate with very minimal practical training throughout their university education. Furthermore, summer practice sites are often are limited in the number of spaces available. This lack of practice may lead to anticipatory stress most notable during the students’ final year of studies.

Strategies: Virtual learning platforms
Virtual learning platforms specific to pharmacy courses (MyDispense, Pharmatopia and Pharmville) have been developed by Monash University (Australia). These platforms provide a simulated and interactive eLearning environment for students. The activities within the virtual platforms are created through the collaborative efforts of member institutions which include schools of pharmacy from various countries all over the world.

Working with Monash University, we created a CUHK (Hong Kong) version of MyDispense. This version incorporates the same learning activities as other partnering institutions yet takes into account local differences in the practice (i.e. legal classification of medications, largely Chinese population, etc). Through this program, pharmacy students are exposed to a simulated learning experience early on in their studies. They also participate in international learning activities, yet have these experiences relevant to local practice.

Preliminary Results:
MyDispense CUHK has been developed already and is currently in its finishing touches. It will be available to pharmacy students in early December, 2018. Activities and online exercises will be assigned to students in early 2018.

The use of virtual eLearning platforms can provide an additional environment for students to practice the integration of knowledge onto patient care.
All Author(s) ListCeleste EWIG, Manson TONG, Isabel HWANG, Keenan BEAUMONT, Keith SEWELL
Name of ConferenceTeaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2017
Start Date of Conference07/12/2017
End Date of Conference07/12/2017
Place of ConferenceThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Country/Region of ConferenceHong Kong
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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