Naturally Occurring Small Molecules for Disease and Cancer Treatment: Therapeutic Benefits in Combination Therapy
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AbstractHerbal medicine uses plants, or mixtures of plant extracts, and aims to restore your body's ability to protect, regulate and heal itself. It is based on the whole body approach to help regulate the body functions including mental and emotional state. Recent development on herbal medicine promises to offer new hope for cancer therapy. Novel phytochemicals with multi-arrays of pharmacological activities including anti-cancer medicinal properties have been reported. New drugs are developed based on the active compounds of plants. This book covers recent studies on the health benefits and pharmacological actions of active compounds of herbal medicines in combination of drugs in cancer therapy. The development of active compounds from herbal medicine in combination with drugs in the context of cancers and the diseases show great promise. The biologic actions of the naturally occurring active phytochemicals at the molecular and cellular levels and their benefits with drugs are discussed. The book provides insightful information on how phytochemicals can be integrated with other drugs for cancer treatment. It is planned to use conventional icons to explain the main biologic actions of phytochemicals in practical applications as checkpoint regulators or inhibitors of signaling pathways which are associated with a variety of biologic process. The important aspects of the integrated medicines including health benefits and the drawback of phytochemicals are discussed. The book also includes illustrations to show the relevant interactions in our body. Other important issues related to phytochemical actions of herbal medicine are also described. Prescribing drugs is used to compare the phytochemical actions in in vivo study. This book has been designed for scientists who are interested in herbal medicine and its development. It would be useful to related health care professions. The book context would enable readers to get a better understanding and appreciation of herbal medicines in combination with or without drugs in personalized medicine for treatment of various disease.
Acceptance Date02/01/2019
All Author(s) ListHo Wing Shing
PublisherWorld Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd.
Place of PublicationUK
Pages1 - 172
LanguagesEnglish-United States
Keywordscancer, herbal medicine, anti-cancer, formulations, health benefits

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