Ethics education with Hong Kong flavour: Cultivating lasting bioethical awareness in medical students by using local cases and debates
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Contemporary bioethics education has been developed predominately within Euro-American contexts, but other regions across the globe are increasingly joining the field, leading to a richer global understanding. Nevertheless, many standard bioethics curriculum materials retain a narrow geographic focus, with examples that are mainly drawn from experiences and debates in North America and Europe, a tendency that raises concerns about applicability to other world regions. This is of particular importance for Hong Kong, which has a history, culture, and medical system with many unique features, and most local medical graduates remain in Hong Kong to practice.

Summary of work
A new bioethics education program for undergraduate medical students is currently under development at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in partnership with Columbia University, with an emphasis on cultivating lasting bioethical awareness relevant to the local Hong Kong context. Based on this partnership, standard topics of broad relevance are identified, and then these topics are augmented with local examples, producing a curriculum both consistent with global standards and distinctly relevant to Hong Kong. In the preclinical years, emphasis is placed on broad social debates, including medical cases discussed in local media, public health, and debates about health system priority setting. For the clinical years, the program incorporates ongoing ethics grand rounds, where individual local cases are discussed in great depth.

Summary of Results
For medical students, we have found that using standard case studies based on unfamiliar social, cultural, and political systems and events have been difficult for students to understand and to connect to their own futures as Hong Kong medical professionals. Preliminary observations show that the introduction of local cases and discussions has resulted in more lively discussions, with students more willing to express their own observations and opinions on topics of bioethical relevance. Since the program is still under development, further study is still needed.

Take-home Messages
The CUHK experience suggests that success in cultivating lasting bioethical awareness among medical students is greatly enhanced by incorporating cases and examples that are relevant to the real world realities of working in local medical systems.
All Author(s) ListSara BERSTRESSER, Isabel HWANG, Shekhar KUMTA, Paul LAI, HK NG, Yan JIN
Name of ConferenceAMEE 2018
Start Date of Conference25/08/2018
End Date of Conference29/08/2018
Place of ConferenceBasel
Country/Region of ConferenceSwitzerland
Proceedings TitleAMEE 2018 Conference Abstract Book
Pages300 - 301
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsbioethics, medical education

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