An interactive journey through the nephron: how an animated medical courseware package helps to deliver complicated physiological mechanisms to a large medical calss
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Every year, there are considerable numbers of medical students who find it difficult to understand the complicated processes of re-absorption and solute exchange that occur daily in the nephrons of the human kidneys, namely the Loop of Henle. The aim of this project is to design a highly interactive and advanced courseware package to help second-year medical students to effectively learn and revise the complex sequences of mechanisms by which electrolyte and water molecules are handled inside the tubular structures of the Loop of Henle. To illustrate these mechanisms, we created a medical courseware package featuring step-through and interactive animations.

Four animated videos have been developed and packaged into a courseware website to facilitate usage and viewing (Figure 1). The medical courseware has been used in two different ways as both pre-class and post-class viewing materials. An auto-checked quiz has also been embedded into the courseware website to test students’ understanding of the animated mechanisms.

An evaluation of the medical courseware was conducted by the end of the course (Figure 2). 61.6% of the students (146 out of 237 students enrolled into the course) responded to the evaluation and of which 59% agreed that their knowledge on the mechanisms delivered in the courseware has improved after use; 72.2% of the students enjoyed using the renal courseware and 75.4% agreed that renal courseware is useful for learning.

The vivid animations were positively received by many medical students and through the open-ended questions, students found the auto-quiz useful to reinforce concept understanding (Figure 3). In future, a new animated courseware covering the renal handling of acid and base will be created.
All Author(s) ListIsabel HWANG, Yan JIN, Ray LEE, WH KO
Name of Conference15th Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference (APMEC)
Start Date of Conference10/01/2018
End Date of Conference14/01/2018
Place of ConferenceSingapore
Country/Region of ConferenceSingapore
Pages91 - 91
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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