Post-Class Assignment Micromodule in Health Sciences Education Post-Class Assignment Micromodule in Health Sciences Education
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AbstractSix post-class micromodules linked to specific topic areas have been completed. They are developed for Health Sciences I which is a Year 1 Foundation Course provided by the Faculty of Medicine. The course (MEDF1010 and MEDF1011) is run in parallel sessions each year. The total class size is over 500 this year. The micromodules are created as case-based scenarios and will be used to lead students to apply both the chemical and physical concepts learned in the pre-class assignments ( and lectures to understand simplified medical conditions and important medical applications. Student users will be instructed to work through the post-class micromodules in steps and in sequence to test whether they can apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills.

We have not encountered major obstacles in this project but it requires extra caution to create suitable case-based scenarios to year 1 students in terms of difficulty and depth of contents.
All Author(s) ListIsabel HWANG, XQ YAO, Kendrew MAK, SS TONG, Maria WAI, Yan JIN
Detailed descriptionMicromodule 1:
Micromodule 2:
Micromodule 3:
Micromodule 4:
Micromodule 5:
Micromodule 6:
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsmicro-modules health sciences, foundation study, short videos

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