Bitesize Learning Series: A Physiological Interpretation of Important Blood Gas Equation (Phase 1)
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摘要This project comprises a total of four narrated videos to help reinforce students’ understanding of four important blood gas equations taught in a year 3 medical course (MEDU3400). The videos present multiple clinically based scenarios to reflect the application of the corresponding equations in real life. In all of the videos (Table 1), the emphasis is on why, what and how:
 why the equation is important;
 what criteria need to be considered; and
 how to make use of the equation in selected case studies.

Table 1. Summary of the four blood gas videos
Video Title of video Individual webpage links
1 The PCO2 equation

2 The alveolar gas equation

3 The O2 content equation

4 The Henderson- Hasselbalch equation

As the project is newly developed, we have the obligation to obtain access rate of each video to prove usage. As a result, year 3 medical students can access each video via Blackboard that possesses the track function and simple analytics could be obtained in near future. However, our goal is always to facilitate flexibility and convenience in student learning and thus individual webpage links will be provided to student users once we have gathered some solid data in the first year of usage.
著者Isabel HWANG, Wai Kwong POON, XQ YAO, Michael TAM, Yan JIN
關鍵詞micro-modules, blood gas equations, respiratory physiology, e-learning, short videos

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