Dysregulation of both miR-140-3p and miR-140-5p in synovial fluid correlate with osteoarthritis severity
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This study looked to analyse the expression levels of microRNA-140-3p and microRNA-140-5p in synovial fluid, and their correlations to the severity of disease regarding knee osteoarthritis (OA).

Knee joint synovial fluid samples were collected from 45 patients with OA of the knee (15 mild, 15 moderate and 15 severe), ten healthy volunteers, ten patients with gouty arthritis, and ten with rheumatoid arthritis. The Kellgren–Lawrence grading (KLG) was used to assess the radiological severity of knee OA, and the patients were stratified into mild (KLG < 2), moderate (KLG = 2), and severe (KLG > 2). The expression of miR-140-3p and miR-140-5p of individual samples was measured by SYBR Green quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis. The expression of miR-140-3p and miR-140-5p was normalised to U6 internal control using the 2-△△CT method. All data were processed using SPSS software.

Expression of both miR-140-3p and miR-140-5p was downregulated in OA synovial fluid, showing a statistical difference between the OA and non-OA group, and increased OA severity was associated with a decreased expression of miR-140-3p or miR-140-5p. The Spearman rank correlation analysis suggested that the expression of miR-140-3p or miR-140-5p was negatively correlated with OA severity. In addition, the expression of miR-140-5p was 7.4 times higher than that of miR-140-3p across all groups.

The dysregulation of miR-140-3p and miR-140-5p in synovial fluid and their correlations with the disease severity of OA may provide an important experimental basis for OA classification, and the miR-140-3p/miR-140-5p are of great potential as biomarkers in the diagnosis and clinical management of patients with OA.
All Author(s) ListYin CM, Suen WC, Lin S, Wu XM, Li G, Pan XH
Journal nameBone and Joint Research
Volume Number6
Issue Number11
Pages612 - 618
LanguagesEnglish-United States
KeywordsOsteoarthritis, miR-140, Synovial fluid

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