Phylogenomic Analyses of Brachyura Illuminates Ancient Origins of Freshwater Crabs and Recent Origins of Hydrothermal Vent Crab
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AbstractThe evolutionary history of the true crabs (infraorder Brachyura) remains a major research focus among carcinologists. Recent molecular phylogenies reveal that the Brachyura underwent rapid radiation during the Cretaceous and Early Tertiary, resulting in many long and deep lower branches that are difficult to resolve. Here we attempt to reconstruct the phylogeny of Brachyura using a phylogenomic approach, by sequencing the transcriptomes of 45 species (including 35 brachyuran families and two anomuran outgroups) using the Illumina platform. In combination with 16 other brachyuran transcriptomes from public database, we analyzed a final dataset with more than 60 brachyuran species from over 40 families. Phylogenetic analyses based on ~400 putative homologous loci (250,000 bp) infer a well resolved, robust phylogeny for the Brachyura. The phylogenomic tree provides further support to previous hypotheses of the early divergence of primary freshwater crabs. The phylogeny, however, suggests the freshwater crabs are more closely related to Thoracotremata and therefore the monophyly of Heterotremata was rejected. Most of the interfamilial relationships are well resolved in the current phylogenomic tree and illuminates evolutionary history of the group. On the other hand, the hydrothermal vent associated crab families Bythograeidae and Xenograpsidae are inferred to exhibit recent origins. We show that phylogenomic analyses could serve as a powerful tool for resolving relationships among the brachyuran lineages and future study will focus on obtaining transcriptomes from more taxa.
All Author(s) ListTsang LM, Ma KY, Qin J, Chan T-Y, Ng PKL, Chu KH
Name of ConferenceSociety of Molecular Biology and Evolution 2018 Meeting
Start Date of Conference08/07/2018
End Date of Conference12/07/2018
Place of ConferenceYokohama
Country/Region of ConferenceJapan
LanguagesEnglish-United States
Keywordsphylogenomic, Brachyura

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