Achieving early disease control and reducing indirect cost – the crystal registry in Hong Kong rheumatoid arthritis patients
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摘要Background: Rheumatoid arthritis is associated with irreversible joint erosion, jeopardising patients’ work ability and incurs substantial indirect cost to the society. While early treatment yield clinical efficacy, its economic outcome remains uncertain in Hong Kong.

Objectives: To ascertain the effect of early disease control in early RA subjects on indirect cost.

Methods: This was a multi-centre, prospective cohort study involved 13 hospitals in Hong Kong. Subjects underwent intensive treatment scheme aiming at remission. Early disease control was defined as achieving remission or low disease activity(LDA) at month 6 indicated by DAS-28 score.

Results: Seventy early RA patients [53 (75.7%)Female, mean age: 53±11 years, mean disease duration 30±11 months] were included in this analysis. Forty-two(60%) subjects achieved early disease control. Subjects with or without early disease control were comparable at baseline. Twenty-two(31.4%) subjects had non-zero indirect cost[median(IQR) indirect cost: USD162(76–317)]. Among them, early disease control non-achievers(n=11) had significantly higher indirect cost than achievers[median(IQR) indirect cost: USD317(133–934) vs USD95,48–163 p=0.008](figure 1). Using multivariate linear regression, after adjusting for age, gender, baseline pain score, fatigue level, physical and mental condition, every 1-unit increase in DAS score at month 6 was associated with USD82 increase in indirect cost [95% CI: 12–151, p=0.022]. When disease activity was categorised, not achieving remission/LDA was associated with USD165 increase in indirect cost [95% CI: 21–310, p=0.025] (table 1).
著者T.H. Cheng, M.C. Wan, L.S. Tam, on behalf of CRYSTAL Study Team
會議名稱Annual European Congress of Rheumatology
會議論文集題名Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases - Annual European Congress of Rheumatology
期次Supplement 2

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