PCGF5 is required for neural differentiation of embryonic stem cells
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AbstractPolycomb repressive complex 1 (PRC1) is an important regulator of gene expression and development. PRC1 contains the E3 ligases RING1A/B, which monoubiquitinate lysine 119 at histone H2A (H2AK119ub1), and has been sub-classified into six major complexes based on the presence of a PCGF subunit. Here, we report that PCGF5, one of six PCGF paralogs, is an important requirement in the differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) towards a neural cell fate. Although PCGF5 is not required for mESC self-renewal, its loss blocks mESC neural differentiation by activating the SMAD2/TGF-beta signaling pathway. PCGF5 loss-of-function impairs the reduction of H2AK119ub1 and H3K27me3 around neural specific genes and keeps them repressed. Our results suggest that PCGF5 might function as both a repressor for SMAD2/TGF-beta signaling pathway and a facilitator for neural differentiation. Together, our findings reveal a critical context-specific function for PCGF5 in directing PRC1 to control cell fate.
All Author(s) ListYao M, Zhou X, Zhou J, Gong S, Hu G, Li J, Huang K, Lai P, Shi G, Hutchins AP, Sun H, Wang H, Yao H
Journal nameNature Communications
Volume Number9
Article number1463
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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