Trend and Factors Associated with Condom Use Among Male Clients of Female Sex Workers in Hong Kong: Findings of 13 Serial Behavioural Surveillance Surveys
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摘要This study investigated the trend and associated factors of condom use among male clients of female sex workers (CFSW) in Hong Kong. A total of 25,443 males of the general population were screened to identify 2,330 CFSW via 13 rounds of population-based serial cross-sectional telephone surveys during 1998 through 2015. Over time, there were no significant changes in condom use with various types of female sex partners (p ranged 0. 219-0.837) and prevalence of self-reported STI (p = 0.975) in the past 6 months. Decrease in the prevalence of non-regular sex partners (p < 0.001) and increase in perceived efficacy of condom use for HIV prevention (p = 0.028) were observed. Perceived efficacy of condom use for HIV prevention and self-reported STI experience were significantly associated with condom use with various types of female sex partners in the past 6 months. No evident improvement for condom use was found. Tailored intervention programs are warranted.
著者Li JH, Lau JTF, Ma YL, Lau MMC
期刊名稱AIDS and Behavior
頁次2235 - 2247
關鍵詞Clients of female sex workers, Condom use, Behavioral surveillance surveys, Non-regular sex partners, China
Web of Science 學科類別Public, Environmental & Occupational Health;Social Sciences, Biomedical;Public, Environmental & Occupational Health;Biomedical Social Sciences

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