Organisation of a high-stake assessment in surgery for final year medical students
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摘要Background: Final year examination in medical school is the last professional assessment before medical students proceed to internship as practising doctors. At CUHK, final year examination consists of two parts –medicine and surgery. Surgery examination covers disciplines including surgery, orthopaedics, radiology, and anaesthesia and intensive care.
Summary of work: The final surgery examination is a high-stake examination based on a well-verified blueprint. The whole examination is divided into three parts: written examination, OSCE, and clinical short-case examination with real patients. Passing the examination means the medical students would have acquired the necessary knowledge and competencies of being safe interns.
Summary of results: The scope of surgery examination includes (1) the use of high-quality, standard-set MCQ items; (2) the use of OSCE stations to test multi-facet tasks by well-trained simulated patients and assessors; and (3) the use of patients with real surgical pathologies in clinical examination to test the relevant clinical examination skills. Discussion: Although the final surgery examination is extensive and prolonged (total of more than 7 hours of examination time), it allows a fair and comprehensive assessment of the knowledge and clinical competencies of the medical students. A similar approach is also used in licensure examination in Hong Kong.
Conclusion: The current format of final year surgery examination at CUHK is effective in ascertaining the necessary credentials to function as safe and competent interns in the hospital setting. Although the resources required are
significant, it is a worthwhile exercise to ensure that the graduating medical students are safe to practise.
Take-home message: Final surgery examination is meant to be intensive. Multiple approaches are required to allow a fair assessment of the standard of graduating medical students.
著者Paul BS Lai, Shekhar Kumta, Enders KW Ng, TP Lam. Simon SM Ng, Charing CN Chong
會議名稱An International Association for Medical Education (AMEE) Annual Meeting 2017
會議論文集題名The Proceeding of An International Association for Medical Education (AMEE) Annual Meeting 2017

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