Assessing psychological well-being among teachers in Hong Kong
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摘要Background: Compared with the voluminous amount of research on burnout and psychopathology, Hong Kong school teachers’ positive functioning has not been adequately addressed. Such imbalance is partly due to the lack of appropriate measurement tools, as evidenced in the use of life satisfaction as the only measure of teachers’ well-being in some studies. Ryff’s scale of psychological well-being (1989), incorporating multiple facets of positive functioning, provides an integrated framework for assessing the psychological well-being of different human populations. This study extended its application to Hong Kong school teachers.
Method: 1052 teachers from primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong completed the brief Chinese version of Psychological Well-Being Scale (CPWBS). Reliability analysis and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) were applied to examine the psychometric properties of the scale.
Findings: All six CPWBS subscales obtained high internal consistencies, with ɑ ranging from .82 to .92. Model comparison of four sets of results obtained by CFA supported a six-factor structure, χ2 = 1023.085, df = 237, CFI = .931, RMSEA = .056, SRMR = .043. Teachers’ well-being was characterized by a high level of personal growth (M = 3.9, SD = .67) and a moderate level of autonomy (M = 3.1, SD = .70).
Discussion: Our findings demonstrated that the CPWBS is a reliable and valid tool for investigating Hong Kong school teachers’ well-being. It is believed that this seminal research will set the stage for further research aimed at a more thorough understanding of the well-being of the teaching profession in Hong Kong.
著者Chan L. K., Chan D. W., Sun X.
會議名稱16th Annual Conference of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies
會議地點Hong Kong (HK)
關鍵詞psychological well-being, Hong Kong school teachers, psychometric properties, scale development, Jockey Club “Giftedness Into Flourishing Talents” Project

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