A 5-Year Longitudinal Study of Cognitive Decline After Stroke/Transient Ischemic Attack (CU-STRIDE)
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摘要Background and Rationale: Dementia after stroke/transient ischemic attack (TIA) could occur immediately or with a delayedonset. Patients who were cognitively intact initially have a high risk of developing dementia at a later stage. We aimed to investigate the risk factors and underlying etiology of delayed-onset poststroke dementia (PSD).

Methods: Stroke/TIA patients (n = 1,007) were recruited into the Chinese University of Hong Kong STroke Registry Investigating cognitive DEcline (CU-STRIDE) study with a follow-up annually for 5 years. We investigated the incidence of dementia per year, with dementia defined as having a Clinical Dementia Rating scale of ≥1. We studied the associations between baseline vascular, genetic, imaging risk factors, and recurrent stroke with delayedonset
PSD using a logistic regression model.

Results: Patients who developed dementia 3–6 months after stroke (n = 88) were excluded, as we aim to focus on those with delayed-onset PSD. After the 5-year study period, 235/919 subjects remained. The cumulative incident dementia cases were 132/919. The new incident dementia cases were as follow: 2.7% (Year 1), 1.7% (Year 2), 1.3% (Year 3), 1.0% (Year 4), and 1.3% (Year 5). Random forest was used in variable selection. Diabetes mellitus (OR = 2.2, 95% CI = 1.2 to 4.0, p = 0.015) and multiple lacunes (≥3) (OR = 3.2, 95% CI = 1.7 to 5.9, p < 0.001) were significant predictors of delayed-onset PSD, after adjustment for age and education. The presence of ApoE ε4 and recurrent stroke were not significant predictors of delayed-onset PSD.

Conclusion: Diabetes mellitus and multiple lacunes were significant predictors of delayed-onset PSD.
著者Lam B, Wong A, Wang ZL, Liu WY, Au L, Chan A, Lau A, Shi L, Fan F, Ma SH, Ip V, Soo Y, Leung T, Leng XY, Chen XY, Chu W, Mok V
會議名稱Asia Pacific Stroke Conference (APSC 2017)
會議論文集題名Cerebrovascular Diseases
系列標題Oral Presentations
期次Supp 1
頁次4 - 4
Web of Science 學科類別Clinical Neurology;Peripheral Vascular Disease;Neurosciences & Neurology;Cardiovascular System & Cardiology

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