Validation of the Preschool Anxiety Scale-Traditional Chinese (PAS-TC) in Hong Kong
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摘要Anxiety disorders are the most common type of psychiatric conditions in children. Early identification and intervention during preschool years is critical for minimizing their detrimental long-term effects. The Preschool Anxiety Scale (PAS) is a developmentally-sensitive and symptom-specific instrument that has been commonly used and widely validated in the west. The current study tested the psychometric properties of its Traditional Chinese version (PAS-TC) in Hong Kong. The study sample consisted of a total of 1317 Hong Kong parents, recruited from 12 local preschools, with preschool children aged from three to six years old. Results showed that a correlated five-factor model demonstrated a good fit for the data. PAS-TC also demonstrated acceptable reliability and satisfactory validity. Furthermore, gender but not age effects were found in Hong Kong. Additionally, similar to previous studies, items from physical injury fears were the most reported in the top-ten frequently endorsed items. Finally, the anxiety level of our Hong Kong sample was found to be between the Mainland China and western countries. Clinical implications of the above findings concerning PAS-TC are discussed.
著者Grace Suk Man Leung, King Chi Yau, Suet Ying Yuen
期刊名稱Applied Research in Quality of Life
頁次359 - 373
關鍵詞Preschool anxiety scale, Psychometric properties, Hong Kong, Chinese

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