Internationalization in Higher Education: First Year Mainland Chinese students' adaptation experiences in Hong Kong
Invited conference paper presented and published in conference proceedings



摘要Due to an intensified globalization process and the rise of English as an international language, an increasing number of international students pursue English-medium higher education abroad for better quality higher education, career prospect and social prestige. While previous researches have examined the phenomenon of international students choosing to enroll in English-medium universities in top destinations like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Germany, little research has been done in Hong Kong, where English medium is a highly contested issue. To fill the research gap, the research examines mainland Chinese students’ adaptation experiences upon arrival in Hong Kong. The research focuses on the inquiry of language including the strategies and motivations in the attempt to understand and examine mainland students’ adaptation experiences upon arrival in Hong Kong. To these ends, the research is structured to investigate the linguistic and socio-cultural challenges these mainland Chinese students in their first year of university study. Through interview, this research shows that students face many cultural and social challenges that affect their adaptation in Hong Kong. The implications for this study impacts research on student support and identify formation.
著者Ma Yuk Yi Anna
會議名稱2nd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Higher Education (ICIRHE 2018)
關鍵詞Higher Education, Internationalization in Higher Education, Academic life, Linguistic Challenges, Cultural and social challenges, Students' identify formation, Student support, Mainland Chinese students, Cross border students, Study abroad, Cross border education

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