Written Corrective Feedback (WCF)
Invited conference paper presented and published in conference proceedings



摘要Feedback provided by teachers is of utmost importance to students as the feedback provides a platform for students to reflect, learn and improve. The extent to which students benefit from written corrective feedback has long been controversial since Truscott (1996) suggested grammar correction in L2 writing classes should be abolished. Twenty-years later, the debate continues. The study investigates the efficacy of written corrective feedback to two small classes of ESL learners through focused and unfocused feedback. Participants were 16 primary five students (8 students per group) in the academic year 2016–2017. The two classes were divided into two groups with one receiving unfocused feedback (providing feedback on all errors) and one receiving focused feedback (only a few types of errors at a time). The study found that the group who received unfocused feedback felt discouraged and demotivated and showed no big improvement in the other writing assignments. The group receiving focused feedback, however, made drastic improvement in the other writing assignments.
著者Ma Yuk Yi Anna
會議名稱The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2018
關鍵詞Teacher Education, Teacher Feedback, L2 Writing, Motivation

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