Deciphering Skin Microbiome in Chinese Children with Atopic Dermatitis
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摘要Background: Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a prevalent allergic disease among children. This study aimed to identify microbial signatures that might serve as AD disease markers and understand how different species interact and contributes to AD pathogenesis.
Methods:Skin swabs were taken mainly from the forearms of healthy volunteers while both non-lesional and lesional skin sites were sampled in children with AD. After DNA extraction and library preparation, whole-genome shotgun sequencing was performed using Illumina HiSeq platform. Human reads were filtered off prior taxonomic annotation and statistical analysis.
Results:A total of 240 swabs from a hundred subjects were processed to generate high-quality metagenomics reads. Bacteria and viruses accounted for over 90% of annotated reads. Microbes found at the control sites were significantly more diverse at both genus and species levels than from the disease group. More Actinobacteria and Proteobacteria were found from controls while Firmicutes dominated in both non-lesional and lesional samples. Although Staphylococcus were present in both types of samples from children with AD, there were substantial differences in the relative abundances of different Staphylococcus species. Furthermore, the viral populations in AD and controls were unique. More bacteriophages were detected from the lesional skin surface.
Conclusion: AD patients had lower biodiversity of skin microbiota than controls. Distinct cutaneous microbial communities were identified at different skin sites according to the disease status, suggesting the possible health impact driven by various microbes in the pathogenesis of childhood AD.
Funding: Research Committee’s One-off Fund for Research (reference no. 3132910), CUHK
著者Yau JWK, Hou JJP, Hon KLE, Tung CKC, Cheng NS, Leung ASY, Tsui SKW, Leung TF
會議名稱7th International Human Microbiome Consortium Meeting
會議論文集題名7th International Human Microbiome Consortium Meeting Book of Abstracts
頁次267 - 267
關鍵詞Eczema, microbiome, skin

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