Beneficial herb-drug interaction for circumventing multidrug resistance in the combinational use of paclitaxel with Marsdenia Tenacissima
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摘要Medicinal herbs are often concurrently administered with orthodox drugs for the treatment of varieties of diseases to produce beneficial outcomes via herb-drug interactions. However, because of the unique nature of medicinal herbs, which contain multiple ingredients to interact with multiple targets leading to different bioactivities, the investigation of herb-drug interactions and their mechanisms underlying such interaction are challenging. To date, the investigation with sound scientific evidences supporting the beneficial clinical outcomes of such combinational usefulness are far from satisfactory. In the recent years, our research team has been working on herb-drug interactions using our established integrative PK/PD multidisciplinary approach with precision analytical pharmacology. In this presentation, using one Chinese medicinal herb, Marsdenia Tenacissima, as an example, our integrative approach with precision analytical pharmacology to investigate the beneficial herb-drug interaction of this herb with paclitaxel, and to delineate the mechanisms underlying such beneficial interaction will be addressed. Our findings including 1) the identification of true bioactive ingredients, which do not directly produce any pharmacological actions, rather serve as “pro-bioactive” components to elicit their bioactivities after biotransformation in the body; and 2) the delineation of the mechanism of synergistic anticancer effects due to the interactions of herbal ingredients with differential targets and the functions of herbal ingredients as “assistants” to facilitate the anticancer effect of paclitaxel leading to the beneficial action will be illustrated.
著者Ge LIN

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