Deglutition evaluation with high density surface electromyography in post-irradiated masopharyngeal cancer patients with dysphagia
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AbstractBackground: High density surface electromyography (HD-sEMG) is a non-invasive technique to evaluate muscle function defects. A novel methodology of deglutition evaluation with HD-sEMG was described and investigated in normal subjects. Objectives: The objective of the study is to investigate the deglutition evaluation with HD-sEMG in postirradiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma(NPC) patients with dysphagia. Methods: The HD-sEMG signals were recorded from 5 healthy subjects and 5 post-irradiated NPC patients with dysphagia during different swallowing tasks. Results: Dynamic topography was generated from the root mean square of the HD-sEMG signals to illustrate the neck muscle function in the whole swallowing process. (Image 1)The topography showed different swallowing patterns between the dysphagic (right) and healthy (left) individuals. The mapping provided detailed spatial information of neck muscle activities during swallowing. Conclusions: Deglutition evaluation with HD-sEMG is promising and capable for further refinement for clinical assessment of patients with dysphagia.
All Author(s) ListKarman KY Leung, Michael CF Tong
Name of ConferenceBACO International 2018
Start Date of Conference04/07/2018
End Date of Conference06/07/2018
Place of ConferenceManchester
Country/Region of ConferenceGreat Britain
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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