Active learning through an immersive virtual reality environment
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摘要Immersive reality environments (IVEs) can provide opportunities for learners to have an experience that perceptually surrounds them and enables them to have a sense of presence or actually being within it. Learners can interact with the IVE using a perceptual channel, e.g., by wearing a head-mounted display (HMD) with digital displays that project VEs. This may allow learners to visualize from two to three dimensions of an environment or an object, experience simulated situations to explore virtual locations as preparation for or replacement for actual visits or field exploration, interact with simulated clients or patients, simulate experiments and processes, and take actions while interacting with the virtual environment or object. In this project, this type of learning experience is applied in disciplines including life
sciences, medical sciences, geography resources and management and education. It provides an authentic learning experience that may encourage learners to make inquiries and provoke reconceptualization of knowledge through experiencing and experimenting in the virtual setting. Most importantly, this project can bring enriched learning experiences across disciplines because research findings support positive learning outcomes: learners can find it easier to understand abstract concepts in three dimensions, bridge space over time, and examine trends and changes. Three types of VR are created in this project including (i) virtual reality with mouse interaction, (ii) AR/VR field trip and (iii) Virtual reality with physical interaction. The success of quality VR production demonstrated in this project together with students’ recommendations can encourage more development on VR for learning enhancement.
著者Wong KK, Chan KM, Lee VWY, Jong M, Hodgson P, Marafa L, Chan J, Cheng A, Lui V, Ng YK, Ngai P, Chan T, Fang A, Chan L, Wong C, Hui B, Tang C
會議名稱Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2017
會議地點The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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