Design of a Novel Compliant Robotic Instrument for Organ Retraction by Exploiting the Buckling Principle of a Continuum Bending Beam
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AbstractOrgan retraction is an essential task in minimally invasive surgery. It is a surgical technique to push aside or anipulate tissues/organs to improve the access and visualization of surgical sites [1]. As typical manual retractors are rigid and without articulation, physicians often struggle with minimizing the force applying onto tissue while positioning the retractor to maintain optimal exposure. Over the years, different kinds of liver damages related to misuse of retractor instruments have been reported [1][2]. In the past decades, only a few robotic research efforts have been made to mitigate the aforementioned clinical risks. [2] focused on enhancing the retractor sensing capabilities, while [3] proposed a new mechanical retractor design based on whole-hand organ grasping concept. In fact, these solutions may not be clinically viable from the packaging, sterilization, reliability, and ease-of-use standpoints. Although [4] proposed to use a soft ber-reinforced actuator for organ retraction, their actuator was too soft to provide sucient maneuverability and not compact enough to be deployed through a typical 8mm robotic cannula. In this paper, we present a novel concept of robotic organ retractor that exploits the buckling of a continuum bending beam mechanism (Figs. 1 and 2). Analytical and FEA models are proposed to understand the deection behavior of the retractor and veri ed through experiment. Initial prototype was also integrated with the da Vinci Research Kit (dVRK) for basic functional evaluation. Preliminary results demonstrated the capability of the proposed device for organ retraction.
All Author(s) ListYuanpei Cai, K.W. Samuel Au, H.W. Yip, T.Y. Chung, Jason Y.K. Chan, Stuart Moran
Name of ConferenceHamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics 2018
Start Date of Conference24/06/2018
End Date of Conference27/06/2018
Place of ConferenceLondon
Country/Region of ConferenceGreat Britain
Proceedings TitleProceedings of Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics 2018
Pages27 - 28
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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