International Investment Treaties and Arbitration Across Asia
Edited book (editor)

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AbstractInternational Investment Treaties and Arbitration Across Asia brings together leading
academics and practitioners to examine whether and how the Asian region has or may
become a significant ‘rule maker’ in contemporary international investment law and
dispute resolution. The editors introduce FDI trends and regulations, investment treaties
and arbitration across Asia. Authors add country studies for the ten member states of the
Association of Southeast Asian Nations as well as an overview of ASEAN treaties, or
examine other potential ‘middle powers’ (Korea, Australia and New Zealand collectively)
and the emerging ‘big players’ (China, Japan and India). Two early chapters present
econometric studies of treaty impact on FDI flows, in aggregate as well as for Thailand,
while two concluding chapters offer other normative and forward-looking perspectives.
Acceptance Date28/07/2016
All Editor(s) ListJulien Chaisse, Luke Nottage
Series TitleNijhoff International Investment Law Series
Number in Series9
Pages1 - 588
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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