Crosstalk between prognostic long noncoding RNAs and messenger RNAs as transcriptional hallmarks in gastric cancer
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AbstractAim: Our study investigated the significance of the crosstalk between long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) and mRNAs in gastric cancer (GC). Methods: lncRNA and mRNA expression profiling data in 671 GC tumors and 77 nontumorous gastric tissues were retrieved from the gene expression omnibus database: GSE54129, GSE13911, GSE19826, GSE79973, GSE15459 and GSE66229. Differentially expressed analysis, RNA coexpression network construction, gene ontology (GO) and Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes (KEGG) enrichment analyses were conducted in this study. Results: Using differentially expressed and prognostic lncRNAs or mRNAs in GC, we constructed the lncRNA-mRNA coexpression networks. This network involved with vital GO and KEGG pathways. Conclusion: Our study reveals coexpressed lncRNAs and mRNAs as transcriptional hallmarks in GC patients which provide interesting information regarding the incidence and outcome of GC.
All Author(s) ListZhang J, Yuan YJ, Wei ZW, Ren JW, Hou X, Yang DJ, Cai SR, Chen CQ, Tan M, Chen GG, Wu KM, He YL
Journal nameEpigenomics
Volume Number10
Issue Number4
PublisherFuture Medicine
Pages433 - 443
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordslong noncoding RNA,messenger RNA,stomach neoplasms
Web of Science Subject CategoriesGenetics & Heredity;Genetics & Heredity

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