Shidu Elderly's Aging Dilemma under the Institutional Risk
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摘要This study takes Shidu (that is losing family’s only-one child) elderly in a city of central China as an example to examine the complexity of aging risk faced by Shidu elderly and also the predicament of risk management implemented by the government. We adopt a conceptual framework formulated by the “institutional risk” to collect data through in-depth interview with 15 research participants, including 10 Shidu families, 3 government officers and 1 psychological counselor.
Using discourse analysis, this study attempts to understand: 1) what is the particularity and complexity of aging risk faced by Shidu elderly compared with other elderlys? 2) As the main body of social security, why does the state governance become problematic?
As the analysis shows, Shidu elderly’s aging risk demonstrates its particularity, namely mental illness and excessive anxiety appearance after Shidu.
Besides, there are three main reasons about the formation of Shidu elderly’s aging risk, i.e. the general distribution of aging risk, the separation of institutional design and practice, commercial Old-age insurance projects’ being with a high risk.
Lastly, the analysis indicates state governance becomes problematic and further illustrates from three aspects: 1) at the beginning of Shidu phenomenon, the government gave weak response and policy protection to this phenomenon and group. 2) The assistance policy for this group shows a political sensitivity. 3) The professional social organization is almost hard to play its advantages as the agent of state governance.
The findings above provide a knowledge base for the understanding Shidu elderly’s aging risk. The recommendations are proposed in government’s policy, social organization’s professional service and commercial insurance system. In addition, in the current social security, the government is still the main body of responsibility and should be actively involved in the construction of social security for Shidu elderly.
著者Lei Yang, Sek-yum Ngai
會議名稱U.S.-Hong Kong 2018 Conference "Aging across Time and Contexts"
會議地點Hong Kong
關鍵詞Shidu Elderly, Aging Dilemma, Institutional Risk

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